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Theme: Water, Lifeline of Sichuan

Adam: Kaka, Nini, good morning!
Kaka: Morning, sir, so today what pavilion are we going to visit?
Nini: How about Sichuan Pavilion? Lately I have been listening to Li Boqing's talkshow.
Kaka: 不会吧,你一个上海小姑娘喜欢成都李伯清的评书?我估计你听腻了周立波了。
Nini:Hmmm, you know his talkshow gave me delighted giggle though it's a little bit hard to understand Chengdu dialect.
Adam: Yes, Sichuan got its unique culture, I think I love Sichuan dialect too. When I was young, I learned something about Sichuan especially Dujiangyan project developed by Li Bing. So water is a main theme during Shanghai World Expo.
Kaka: And also Sichuan mountains too, as I know there are many great mountains in Sichuan, like E'mei Mountain.
Nini: And Four-sis Mountains(四姑娘山)。
kaka: Last year, I was in Jiuzhaigou, I have taken many photos which I can show you, you know, the mountains, lakes, colorful forests, beautiful flowers all make Jiuzhai Valley a fairyland.
Nini: Bad Kaka, you didn't invite me to go Jiuzhaigou with you. 我要在那里抱抱可爱的熊猫。
Adam: Yes,You can go world expo to have a look at those very cute pandas, and also you can go Sichuan Pavilion instead, The two-layer structure is based on the special landscape of Sichuan. The circular wall of internal layer with 3D ecological images is encircled by the modern hyperboloid-shaped external one, embodying the harmonious coexistence of cities and nature. The history and culture of Jinsha Sunbirds lead visitors into a secluded, beautiful and harmonious world. The three sections display Sichuan's urban history and civilization, the wisdom of "following the law of nature" and wonderful future.
Kaka: What is Jinsha?
Adam: 金沙是本世纪在成都的重大发现。根据发现,金沙可能是商周时期古代蜀国的大都市。You know that Sunbird was covered by 0.02cm thick gold, and He got big ears, big nose, big eyes and a big mouth which can even swallow whole Nini, lol.
Nini: 中文是不是叫太阳神鸟啊?I wish I could wear it in my coming birthday party.
Adam: You kidding me! The Sunbird almost costs as much as whole world expo. You know he is 3000 years old.
Nini: 那我带不起三,我看我们还是去逛逛成都的街头好不好?
Adam:好像你们的四川话都比我讲得好三,我也来一句:要得。First I would like to take you guys to 春熙路, the street is just like our Nanking Road in Shanghai, very crowd, it is kinda of a shopping paradise, where you can buy lots of great design fashions, and in 盐市口,many beautiful girls love to walk there. If you go 青羊宫 or 文殊院,you can pray for your good fortune. Maybe you can write a poem with 杜甫 in his memorial hall. In 武侯祠, Zhuge Liang seems still conduct a war. 宽巷子和窄巷子,red lanterns hang high, but swimming is not allowed in 府南河。
Kaka: I was heard that Chengdu is also quite famous for its mahjong culture and also delicious foods.
Adam: That's right, almost every Chinese can play mahjong, but Chengdu people seems more enthusiastic in playing the game. Talking about foods, you know Sichuan is quite famous for its unique cuisine,in fact Sichuan cuisine(川菜)is a major one here in China.
Nini: Adam,带我们到锦里吃吃小吃吧。
Adam:可以啊,但是你请客。算了,还是大哥我请你了。I would invite you to have Dandan noodles(担担面),Guokui(锅魁),Erjie Rabbit Dice(二姐兔丁), Korean dumplings(韩包子), Mapo Tofu(麻婆豆腐), Long Chao Shou(龙抄手), Couple Lung Slice(夫妻肺片)...
Nini: 我口水都流了一键盘了,Hey, now I am losing my weight, I think I will gain a lot of weight after eating all those delicious snacks
Adam: Don't worry, you can see all girls in Chengdu are quite skinny and slim, but you need to eat more hot chilli pepper if you don't want to be a chubby lady.
Nini: 叫我吃很辣的尖椒啊?那我还是放弃这些美食了。
Adam:Sichuan is so vast, after you traveling all of those places, my dear Kaka, you will be as old as a grandpa! But you can have a preview trip here in Sichuan Pavilion, 欢迎大家来四川馆,我们在A区,我们四川周是在八月的17日到21日。大家过来耍嘛。
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I think I will visit this pavilion.
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